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My Pursuits of Liberty: A Thought Amid Pandemic



Consider, being by the countryside, at the frontier of sneaking through uncertain nights and praising the landscape like never before, or even enjoying a cup of coffee by the gallery! Unimaginable right? But in the most basic sense, this is what liberty means to the millennials, and being one I can definitely agree with it. But let us delve into the more technical aspect of it and attempt for a definition that encompasses Liberty in its totality. Liberty is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behaviour, or political views.”

The Constitution substantially guarantees, Freedom of speech and expression, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Information, and so on, and the government of numerous countries is founded on the pillars of Liberty and Equality explains a lot about the pursuit of human beings for Liberty. But what does this term mean exactly? Finding and agreeing to a single definition that suffices the very nature of Liberty is quite an arduous task.

Today we face an unprecedented situation in which our presence alone, can threaten the well-being of another human being. Thus this calls for an ultimate polarisation, inclining towards the idea of accepting and respecting the quarantine period.

To look at the present scenario the world is facing the biggest crisis viz. COVID 19 (Coronavirus disease 2019). The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic spread rapidly across countries and nations after nations countered with lockdowns. The COVID-19 well-being emergency is like an ever-rising tide, testing persistence, vitality, and constraining individuals to separate themselves from their day-to-day social schedules. The worldwide crisis is changing the way we work, but it is additionally telling us something almost what work implies to our communities and us.

In December 1982, Samantha Smith, a 10-year-old American school kid from Maine, tended a letter to Soviet pioneer, Yuri Andropov, who energetically enquired the estimates he would take towards maintaining a strategic distance from an atomic battle with the United States. In his answer, Andropov expressed his nation's purpose never to utilise the weapons first. Post this episode, Smith was seen as a goodwill ambassador by the two nations, when the Cold War was at its pinnacle. Youngsters, similar to Smith, changed the world at that point. Today, as the planet fights the COVID-19 pandemic, the norm is the same: the onus has arrived, the youth, once more.

Liberation here will mean being considerate towards the health and well-being of others as well. At present, there is a huge threat to public health. So governments have taken restrictive measures to not let the crowd come out of their houses. This ensures safety as coronavirus spreads very fast from one person to another. Now the youth has become more repulsive towards this lockdown as they have gotten psychologically bored and fed up with staying in their homes. Youngsters and teens have burned through the majority of their lives at school and swotting elsewhere appear to be a watered-down adaptation. Indeed, even the teachers don't feel like teachers except if they are strolling something similar, sweat-soaked corridors that they have known for such a long time. Schooling during lockdown endured a serious shot; the degree of educating dropped (since instructors are not used to internet educating), as did the understudies' trustworthiness during on the web tests.

Guardians, as well, are continually touchy, for the time they needed to themselves has vanished while their youngsters were out at school. Obviously, another explanation may be that the degree of their insight is uncovered when their kids come to them with questions rather than their educators. People are now more of a threat to mental illness by staying in their houses for so long. But the issue raised through this writeup throws light on the yearning of how every individual can create a more healthy society wherein we find people working towards the refinement of their customary notions and work hand-in-hand. This comes as an illuminating possibility of pursuing hampered aspirations and showing them the light of the day.

Concluding it, the Coronavirus pandemic for me has come at a time when things took an upswing when most were expected from me and the least I could do. This situation comes to not only me but to everyone else as an opportunity to find their inner selves. In the everyday hustle-bustle of life, we couldn't think much about it, but this is the right occasion to seek out the best from our day-to-day life and liberalise ourselves from the usual tiring works which became our daily story and find freedom in nurturing our forsaken hobbies and skills. Particularly, when we look at such an impacting situation we can experience a sense of trepidation. Thus, liberty for me is helping others in trailing their desires with whatever I can do. It is required that we search for liberty holistically and not individually. Taking the most from this Pandemic, accepting the reality and considering it as the new normal, liberating in the true sense for me is creating a true community that strives for the betterment of each individual of it.



About the author

The article was submitted by Mansi Jha a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya Koliwada as a part of Penned Thoughts 2.0 article writing competition organized by RGVTUAN.

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