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Kejriwal’s daughter loses Rs 34,000 in Olx scam

  • Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s daughter was recently a victim of an online scam where she tried to sell an old sofa set on OLX but was dupped of Rs 34,000 by an online scammer.

  • Harshita who is the only daughter of the Delhi CM fell prey to an online scam when she had listed a second-hand sofa on OLX for the purpose of selling it.

  • The Delhi CM’s daughter, Harshita Kejriwal who has a chemical engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Delhi), was trying to sell a second-hand sofa on the popular sale-purchase online platform OLX. She was approached by an interested buyer on the platform and the two agreed for a deal.

  • The imposter sent Harshita a QR code and asked her to scan it in order to receive the amount. First, he transferred a small amount into her account to establish authenticity. Then, debited Rs 34,000 from her account in two separate installments - first Rs 20,000 and then Rs 14,000.

  • We strongly advise our readers to beware of these scams and not to transfer any money until proper verification

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