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Feeling butterflies in your stomach

Well what can I say, love at first sight, music in the background, sparks at the touch and the most important butterflies in the stomach, being a hopeless romantic at heart has taught me at least few or if you are lucky all of the above happens to you when you fall in love but for me falling in love was supposed to be the most beautiful experience in theory and a fool’s wish, made from desperation and a boatload of immature dreams in reality, trust me I was a hopeless romantic at heart but my mind was still a rational thinker, at least that's what I thought before love came up and struck me, wrecking up my whole world and still managing to make it the most beautiful place I've ever been and I guess that's the beauty of it,

love, it's a not just a feeling or experience because when it touches you, it becomes an indescribable part of you for forever and believe me it can happen to anyone and everyone because love itself find people who deserves to be to be loved.

My first time of feeling butterflies in my stomach was unusual because none of the phenomenon mentioned in every cheesy romance novel happened with me and that's because I fell in love with someone I have never met, never seen, and never locked eyes with.

Yes, I fell in love with a stranger I used to talk to online, and it was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to me, we didn’t know how we looked, there were no judgements or prejudices based on the “first impressions”, it was truly a surreal experience and the most bizarre thing was that I was never supposed to talk to him and get to know him in the first place, when I first met him, I was heartbroken because I had lost a dear friend of mine and he was heartbroken because he missed his previous girlfriend, we were just two sad people who just met at the most unexpected time and bonded over their love of How I Met Your Mother and Taylor Swift,

I still remember exchanging texts the whole day, the feeling to waiting eagerly to read his reply, every ping of notification made my heart flutter and stomach jump, it's crazy when I look back at all those memories, it almost feels weird to see how such simple things turn into some of the best memories one could ever ask for.

I read somewhere, feelings are funny things, the way they crawl down your skin and tighten your chest and flip your stomach. It’s a bizarre rollercoaster of fear, anticipation, relief, and ecstasy. And I’ve never been a fan of roller coasters. I cannot pin-point the exact moment when I felt something as beautiful as the fluttering of butterflies in the stomach 'cause every moment with him was equally magnificent, every moment better than the last, I just know my man made all the caterpillars turn into butterflies every single moment when we were together that danced around in my stomach and mind it, they weren't just one or two but a whole swarm of them, god a feeling which words can't paint and colours can't describe, just a equally thrilling and terrifying inkling that can only be felt in that very moment.

When I couldn't see the shooting stars he used to wish for me, we had our own emoji language we used to communicate through, almost like a ritual, He used to say to me, "I really wish all your wishes come true", "You are nice to me, you make me feel nice just talking to you", "I cannot imagine the power it takes to be you”

His simple words hit closer to home because his genuine feelings were reflected in every single word he wrote and it's such a rare-good feeling you get when you meet someone who gets you so much, understands exactly how you feel without you needing to express them, to have the assurance that no matter what someone will always be there to hold you when you fall down, who see the beauty in you in your ugliest days , the purpose of you when you feel clueless, to find someone that makes you happy, makes you forget everything bad that's going on in your life, to find someone who is first person you want to talk to just so you could start and end my day with a smile.

Meeting him was and still is the best accident of my life; the most memorable chapter of my book of life, the most unexpected surprise I never knew I needed, I still bask in the glory of his sunshine that still resonates in every part of my being. Perhaps what my first time experiencing the most unimaginably amazing feeling in the world taught me is that

the right person can make you feel like you are at the top of the world through the most unembellished ways, it doesn’t matter, the background music or the sparks or even the butterflies in your stomach, what matters is just you and the person you adore to be right by your side and everything else just falls into place automatically,

I never even met the person who made me feel as if I am the most special person in the world even once in person but he made feel so many emotions in every single moment I spent with him that even though we were worlds apart, I never felt alone even for a single second.

In our life we come across very few people that leave such an impact that after which you never remain the same and he was one such person I was immensely grateful to have stumbled across for once.

About Author

The article was submitted by Harshita Mohan a student of IIM Rohtak as a part of Penned Thoughts article writing competition organized by RGVTUAN. This was adjudged the best article of that competition.

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