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Come, let's live consciously

The life we are living is synonymous to a race that just has a start but the finishing point seems far, so far that it takes an entire lifetime to realize that the audience would keep expecting us to win this never- ending race but we need to stop and relax to win, not the race but the gift of god called ‘life’.

The audience comprises of our stress, anxiety, self- doubts, self- imposed expectations and competition. We need to win our life and celebrate the success of being free and live a life of eternal bliss and tranquility.

The world has forgotten to stop. It is gripped in the envelop of rat race. It has forgotten what it is to breathe deeply and consciously for once. It has forgotten the joy of the fragrance of the mud after first rain. It has forgotten what it is to walk bare foot on the dew -covered grass. We hardly know what it is to hold a baby’s hand and experience the essence of innocence. The world is unaware of the early morning bliss of a cup of tea with soothing music for the company. We barely know how to cry our hearts out without any fear of judgement. We rarely experience the ecstasy of sitting beside a brook listening carefully to the sound of the ripples.

We access our quick reads available on the plethora of information called internet. We barely take out time to enjoy smelling a book before taking it into our hands to read. We have exposed our eyes to the screen. The blue rays have comfortably made a nest in our eyes and do not seem to leave anytime soon. Our eyes crave to see a world beyond technology. Our cameras readily capture our emotions that we show to the world. But, do our hearts have the capacity to feel our emotions by not truly ignoring them?

We have taken a stride towards development and success, leaving behind the true exhilaration. We have been conditioned to move ahead in life and chase success. We have become comfortable in holding back our emotions. We have found comfort in socializing with millions of people without having a few good friends.

We have admired success and the thought and zeal to achieve it by hook or crook. We haven’t been taught that success is not just in a few dollars in our bank accounts but a gazillion of memories and the state of being free. We are moving ahead in the endeavor to move even farther without recognizing that its important to be present right at the moment and be conscious.

Let’s develop our consciousness and learn to live again like the way human beings ought to live. We created machines for our comfort not so that we become machines ourselves. We need to stop. We need to contemplate life. We need to be mindfully present in the moment. We need to stop chasing success and lose ourselves in the bargain. We need to live and luxuriate in the moments we have right now. We need to strike the balance between our work/success and the life we have been bestowed upon by the almighty. We ought to accept our emotions and work on them. We ought to take time out for the activities we love. We need art. We need literature to remind ourselves what it is to delve in the beauty of words and explore the many facets of creation. We need to hold the hand of our loved ones and feel the flow of energy at once.

We need to stop our attempts to fit in groups where do not belong and will never belong. Let’s not become ‘them’. Let’s become ‘us’. Let’s become truly and fearlessly us. When we become truly ourselves, we attract ‘our people’. The ones who are there no matter what life throws at us. The ones that truly matter and help us grow.

So, let us all try to stop and self- introspect. Let us all work hard for our dreams but not lose ourselves in the process. Let us enjoy life the way it comes. Let us consciously live this journey that may be equivalent to a roller coaster ride but will give us lot of meaningful experiences in return. Let us leave ourselves in the lap of nature for once and experience freedom.

It is not difficult. The road ahead is beautiful. We will not kill it by setting up unrealistic deadlines and notions of success and race. We will enjoy every bit of it by sitting in the swing of life and swaying our restlessness up and away!

About the author

The article was submitted by Kashissh S Bhatnagar a student of Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies as a part of Penned Thoughts 2.0 article writing competition organized by RGVTUAN.

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